Be careful what you wish for , it might just get true …..

I bet there are many people who still may not get the irony behind it.It would be hard for many to comprehend that how when your wishes are granted ,you might start to resent why you wished for them at the first place.People you are not alone!Five years back when i was this naive teenager all perked up about getting into college and living this so called dream of mine ,i was one of those people.

A lot of times we have this romanticized version of situations in life which leads us to believe that we want them so badly. We get all caught up in this dreamy world of ours but why? Maybe because we want an escape from our reality and it seems likely that our dream would be our savior.More often than not the situations don’t turn out the way way we want them to. Don’t get me wrong, having dreams and working towards them is the essence of life but all i am trying to say is that it is not worth missing out on the present moment.Thinking about our future and living for them all the time is not the idea here.We need to understand that we need to be content in our present situation for us to have a better tomorrow.

Having faith and hope in future is good but thinking that it is going to be our escape and take us to this fairy tale dreamy land of ours is not right.When it comes to wishing, I think its better to ask for happiness and independence from the universe because we really don’t know how the situations may turn out to be.


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