Be careful what you wish for , it might just get true …..

I bet there are many people who still may not get the irony behind it.It would be hard for many to comprehend that how when your wishes are granted ,you might start to resent why you wished for them at the first place.People you are not alone!Five years back when i was this naive teenager… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for , it might just get true …..


My journey of attaining mindful living …

Well 2018 has hands down definitely been one of the hardest years of my life. The most important reason of that being living in the fear of losing my dream forever but here i am in final few days of 2018,cherishing the year for all that it has taught me. You know we all are… Continue reading My journey of attaining mindful living …

That overachieving student….

Throughout my childhood i have always been told that i had this perfect life and of course i had it all together because i was one of those overachieving kids who excelled in almost all the fields that they were interested in for eg in my case it was academics,sports,music,art,dance,public speaking ,IT and well what… Continue reading That overachieving student….